Posted 23/02/2023 in Events and Trade Shows

FORST LIVE: the first 2023 tradeshow is dedicated to the forestry sector

FORST LIVE, a key tradeshow dedicated to forestry technologies will be held from March 31st to April 2nd in Offenburg, Germany.

AUTEC will be in the Baden-Arena, booth number BA102. AUTEC will showcase many interesting and exciting developments including:

- Portable station SK8 ed SK8B: these are convenient, small-dimension, waist-held models now available with up to 8 actuators. The SK8B model can be operated via a 1.8” color display, cable control and an available 2 linear joysticks.

- Portable station LINK: AJN/FJN/PJN waist-held units can now employ multi-axis joysticks. This upgrade increases the utilization possibilities for many more applications and extends this model to the AIR series too.

- Portable station R-PRO: this new model is available with Air and Dynamic/Dynamic+P series. It is equipped with multiple actuators, joysticks, and side buttons specifically designed to offer the peak product performance.

We are at your disposal for more information or to arrange an appointment with our technicians and sales staff in person. Contact us by clicking here and see you in Offenburg!