Posted 26/04/2022 in Events and Trade Shows

AUTEC: 2022 trade show appearances

Starting in May AUTEC will attend the following global trade shows to showcase the most interesting products from our catalog:
Where: Stuttgart
When: 31 May-2 June 2022
Applications: Industry, logistics and transportation
Where: Munich
When: 30 May - 03 June 2022
Applications: Water, wastewater, waste and raw material management

Posted 31/03/2022 in Corporate Values

AUTEC social commitment for 2022

AUTEC supports several organizations that work in medical research, assistance, environment preservation and sports, both at a national and international level.
We are committed to supporting them with great responsibility, because the values that drive such different organizations, brought together by the efforts to improve our world, are the same values that underlie our company.
AUTEC wants to stand side by side with these...

Posted 22/02/2022 in News

AUTEC on LinkedIn: the corporate page is up and running

AUTEC is going to use LinkedIn, the professional social network, more often this year.
Click on the link below to go to our corporate page and read the first posts.
We believe that this will become an important communication tool for our company, supporting and completing our website, where you will always find information about our products and services. We will...

Posted 24/01/2022 in Products

DCRF13: the new AUTEC base station for forestry

Today we are introducing the DCRF13, a new, compact base station in AUTEC’s AIR series. This receiving unit is designed for forestry and mobile applications. Furthermore, it complies with standard UNI EN 17067:2019 cableless control systems safety regulations for forestry machinery.
But that’s not all: the high safety, reliability and strength standards that have always distinguished AUTEC are maintained while ensuring:

Posted 05/12/2021 in Products

Cable control units: the new Link and Curve models

AUTEC’s cable controller range is expanded with the new WC-N+ and WC-Q+ models.
These items use the same form factor as the Dynamic+ Link and Curve cableless control systems, and they differ from the other cable control models for their size and weight.
WC-N+ and WC-Q+ have several key safety and efficiency features:
► safety functions compliant with the EN ISO 13849-1, up to Performance Level e, cat. 4;

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