Posted 12/12/2022 in Products

M-PRO: find out the features of the new AUTEC portable station

Are you looking for a portable station to be worn on your waist, equipped with a high number of actuators, high control reliability, modern and ergonomic design, and a remarkable battery autonomy? Then M-PRO is the right choice for you.
M-PRO is available in the Dynamic (FJE) and Dynamic+P (PJE) series and has been designed by AUTEC teams with specific features that make this cableless control system the ultimate system for self-propelled...

Posted 28/11/2022 in Corporate Values

Two new business units for AUTEC

Two new units called “AUTEC – HQ2” and “AUTEC – Lab2” opened in 2022 in Caldogno, adding up to AUTEC – HQ1 main location, and doubling the operational areas for labs and offices, to better meet the needs of our staff and customers.
AUTEC – Lab2 has been designed and built to optimize the production of electronic components, whereas AUTEC – HQ2 is an extension of HQ1 and accommodates in...

Posted 26/09/2022 in News

Two new certifications now available for the LIFT and AIR series

We are proud to disclose two important pieces of news related to certification for all users of ccs (cableless control systems).
1) AIR series radio remote control have recently had their stop function certified by one of the most important international certification bodies: TÜV Rheinland. This means that their GSS/EMS/ATS safety functions meet the requirements of ISO 13849-1 up to PL e and of IEC 62061 up to SIL 3. The tested and...

Posted 14/06/2022 in News

SK8B: the new portable station of the AIR series

Following the success of the SK4, AUTEC now offers the new AIR series portable station Sidekick SK8B.
The SK8B is designed to be larger than previous models to manage more functions while maintaining robustness and reliability. This portable station can be used with sewer/cleaning vehicles, winches, hoists, small-tracked vehicles and many more applications. SK8B allows for up to 6 panel actuators with a 1.8" color display, or up to 8...

Posted 31/03/2022 in Corporate Values

AUTEC social commitment for 2022

AUTEC supports several organizations that work in medical research, assistance, environment preservation and sports, both at a national and international level.
We are committed to supporting them with great responsibility, because the values that drive such different organizations, brought together by the efforts to improve our world, are the same values that underlie our company.
AUTEC wants to stand side by side with these...

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