Sustainability: More than Words

Sustainability is essential and requires real actions, not just slogans. As manufacturers of electrical and electronic devices AUTEC promotes effective recycling that aims to recover metals and other precious resources to achieve an environmentally sustainable, circular economy.

To that end, AUTEC complies fully with the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (RAEE or WEEE Directive) objectives. Since August 15th, 2018 all AUTEC cableless control systems have been marked with a specific icon, informing users that batteries, electromechanical and electronic parts on AUTEC CCSs must be processed separately at specific facilities authorised for safe disposal or recycling.

AUTEC has naturally ensured that its production complies with ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). These regulations are designed to limit the presence of certain harmful substances in electronic parts while enabling better and more effective waste disposal. The same is true for REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

But that is not enough. AUTEC's vision for sustainability extends to all company processes. Besides introducing new fire-resistant, insulated roof panels to improve insulation and well-being at the company's headquarters in Caldogno, Italy, AUTEC has also installed solar panels capable of generating 350 KWp of peak power. The same is true at various branch offices, producing clean energy from photovoltaic systems ranging from 50 to 130 KWp.

Moreover, all of AUTEC's manufacturing activities are designed to minimize polluting emissions. To achieve practical sustainability our production process is designed for effectiveness and employs energy-efficient technology. AUTEC also invests in the proper disposal of special waste items, such as circuit boards, which can be entirely or partly refurbished and reused.

AUTEC is an ethical company that resists the widespread “single-use” mindset. This philosophy is reflected from the top down. AUTEC manufactures all its products in Caldogno, Italy, and all suppliers must meet AUTEC’s quality standards. The cableless control systems undergo numerous mechanical, electrical, radio and battery-quality tests in order to offer durable, reliable products. Additionally, AUTEC cableless control systems can always be repaired by replacing parts that have been damaged, have worn out or have reached the end of their life cycle. AUTEC truly rejects the single-use mindset.

Even the packaging adopted by AUTEC – which is part of the CONAI consortium – has been designed to offer solidity, sturdiness and protection while ensuring that components are recyclable.

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Finally, ethics and sustainability go hand in hand with solidarity. AUTEC has been an established supporter of the CUAMM (one of the main Italian NGOs working to safeguard and promote health in Africa) and of the FAI (the Italian Environmental Fund, which works to safeguard Italy's historical, artistic and landscape heritage).