LINK is a transmitting unit specifically designed for the wireless control of hydraulic cranes with 4 to 6 linear joysticks.
The main features of this product are ergonomics and reliability which offer the user significant benefits. The data feedback option displays information on controls and machine status in real time on a 2.8" TFT LCD colour display.
The side buttons are flat and have a large touch surface which makes them well protected and easy to use. Customers can personalize the product with their own logo.
LINK is available with FSA technology with bi-directional FHSS radio on a 870/915 MHz or 2.4 GHz frequency band.

Shoulder harness or waist belt
Extractable NiMH or Li-Ion battery and charger

2.8" TFT LCD display (240x320 pixels, 65536 colours)
32 signalling LEDs
LEDs on panel
Cable control
External buzzer
IR sensor
Marine environment protection
Removable mechanical power keyswitch (if Key ID 0-1 is not present)

Rotary switch
Toggle switch
Pull-to-operate toggle switch
Side button


Power supply
7.2 VDC (NiMH Battery)
7.4 VDC (Li-Ion Battery)
Frequency band
870/915 MHz FHSS
2.4 GHz
Hamming distance
Typical working range
100 m
330 ft
Average usage time with fully charged battery (continuous use at 20°C / 68°F) without display 18.5 h (Li-Ion Battery)
11 h (NiMH Battery)
Average usage time with fully charged battery (continuous use at 20°C / 68°F) with display
with 2.8” Display: 9 h (Li-Ion Battery)
Safety performance of the STOP function (EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 62061)
up to PL e, SIL 3
Safety category for the protection against unintended movements from standstill UMFS (EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 62061) up to PL d, cat. 3 / SIL 2
Protection degree IP65 (NEMA 4)
Operating and storage temperature
operating: (-25 °C) ÷ (+55 °C) / (-13 °F) ÷ (+130 °F)
storage: (-40 °C) ÷ (+85 °C) / (-40 °F) ÷ (+185 °F)
243 x 163 x 175 mm
9.60 x 6.40 x 6.80 in
1.75 kg
3.8 lb

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