SK8B: the new portable station of the AIR series

Following the success of the SK4, AUTEC now offers the new AIR series portable station Sidekick SK8B.


The SK8B is designed to be larger than previous models to manage more functions while maintaining robustness and reliability. This portable station can be used with sewer/cleaning vehicles, winches, hoists, small-tracked vehicles and many more applications. SK8B allows for up to 6 panel actuators with a 1.8" color displayor up to 8 without display. Its externally replaceable lithium-ion battery ensures up to 24 h of runtime (up to 10 h with a display). It is supplied with standard dual-band 870 / 915 MHz radio frequencies and an automatic open channel search in FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum).


It offers significant advantages including:


→ GSS/EMS/ATS performance up to PL e (EN ISO 13849-1);


→ an ergonomic, mechanically strong design using the extremely light weight SK4 fame with an enlarged control panel;


→ a range of optional sensors that act if the portable station is angled, collides with something or falls;


→ IP65 protection degree against dust and water;


→ 1.8" color display now available for monitoring working parameters and the machine status;


→ mechanical protection of actuators from involuntary activation is on every side;


→ usable with any AIR series base station equipped with FHSS radio, especially the DCRF13.


Consult the Product website for more technical information and to see for yourself that SK8B is a highly efficient and innovative solution.