Simple and innovative: the LIFT pushbutton unit

The perfect portable station for daily use on cranes, overhead cranes or mobile vehicles: it’s the LIFT pushbutton unit, that combines two great qualities in a single product: innovation and simplicity.


First of all, the connection between the pushbutton station and the machine occurs via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® in FHSS mode. This communication mode is permitted all over the world and enables a reliable use of several device in the same area.


Additionally, MY LIFT AUTEC is a free App that enables the most diverse configurations. Once you have downloaded it on your mobile device and have registered, the App can be used quickly and easily for different actions, amongst which are the following ones:


> in the event of a malfunction, the so-called “pairing” between the base station in use and a new pushbutton station can avoid machine downtime or the shipment of the system to a service centre;


> the setting of an automatic switch-off time preserves the battery lifetime when the pushbutton station is not being used;


> the modification of the portable unit working range prevents possible improper use by operators;


> finally, the setting of a PIN code, guarantees control of accesses to the station.


LIFT can be considered a full-fledged innovative and reliable Cableless Control System.