Autec Envisions a Safer World

For over 30 years Autec has provided both cutting-edge products made of the best possible components and innovative solutions for critical applications while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction and affordability, believing employee safety should never come at a premium.
Autec does this by continually improving its processes and is guided by three key principles: The 3 S's

  • Safety
  • Solutions
  • Service

Safety is Job 1

In fact, safety is the foundation of our culture and not just a part of our name. The safety of our products and their ability to operate correctly amid challenging circumstances such as environmental changes or even system failures truly demonstrate this. It has always been important to Autec to invest in research & development and new technologies. As a result this has helped to make Autec Safety the trusted name it is today.  

Since 1994, Autec has received several certifications for functional safety from TÜV, the world leader in the verification of electronic systems for machinery. Autec is also a member of technical committees and participates in maintenance of IEC standards in the field of wireless control systems.

Autec also hosts the annual Safety Meeting in Bologna and 2015 marked its 9th year. People who attend can benefit from the expertise of engineers, safety experts and members of European agencies tied to safety. Autec is proud of seeing the success of the event grow since its inception.

The Right Team, The Right Solution

Benefit from our experience in critical applications. Autec has a dedicated team of segment-specific application engineers who guide customers through the process of selecting the most suitable remote control system.

The process starts with a thorough analysis of each machine, taking into account the customer’s needs. We do so with the aim of finding the optimal solution in terms of safety, functionality and reliability. We add value to the marketplace in that we are very good at finding solutions for even the most unique applications through our experience and applied knowledge.

At Your Service

Autec believes that customers are the lifeblood of any business. We always strive to create “Customers for Life”. As such, it is important to place an emphasis on the customer experience both before and after a sale is made.

We believe it is our job to make and keep our customers happy. We do this by focusing on customer satisfaction. Satisfaction doesn’t just mean a well-made product that is tested and easy-to-maintain, but also value-for-money and customer service that reflects the respect due a customer.

At Autec we like to say “We put the ‘custom’ in ‘customer’.” Because we are so competitive in providing customized remote system solutions, we make it a point to lead the industry in turnaround time for producing such systems. Where most of the competition can take a couple months or even more to handle unique requests, at Autec, “The Exception is the Rule”, and the average time from order to shipment of a custom system is between 2-3 weeks.


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