Cable control

WC-N+ is a cable control unit with 4 to 6 configurable linear joysticks.
The main features of this product are its ergonomic design and reliability which provide many benefits for users. The data feedback option provides real-time machine status visualizations, and it is also available on a 2.8" TFT LCD color display. Up to 8 digital outputs, up to 8 proportional PWM outputs (4 axes, bi-directional), and up to 2 proportional voltage outputs are available. It features a serial port for field bus (CANopen), 4 digital inputs, and a removable power keyswitch.

Shoulder harness
Waist belt

2.8" color display
Customizable 32-LED matrix
High-Efficiency LED panel
10- or 19-pole Souriau circular connector
M12 circular connector
Output with cable gland and multi-pin cable output

Each cable control unit has a red stop button (STOP). With an appropriate cable connection, a stop button (rated current up to 2 A, 30 VDC) can be combined with machine safety circuits to be used as an emergency stop button (EMERGENCY STOP).
A “stop device” is defined as a manually commanded device that stops the machine in safe conditions, while an “emergency stop device” imposes an emergency stop, halting dangerous operations of a machine in an emergency. When a button fulfills an emergency stop function as well it is colored red with a yellow background. The choice of how this button is configured is based on the application requirements and a risk assessment of the machine.


Power supply
8-30 VDC
Max number of outputs
up to 8 digital
up to 8 proportional (PWM)
up to 2 proportional (voltage)
Rated current of proportional outputs PWM: 2 A (30 VDC)
Voltage: 10 mA (28 VDC)
Rated current of digital outputs
2 A (30 VDC)
Safety performance of the STOP function (EN ISO 13849-1) up to PL e, cat.4
Number of digital input 4
243x163x175 mm
9.6x6.4x6.8 in
Weight 1.75 kg
3.8 lb

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