Customer Satisfaction

AUTEC knows that customers are the lifeblood of any business. Your opinion is important to us and will help us to improve processes and client satisfaction. Please help us by taking 5 minutes to share your experience. A rating of "10" is highest and "1" is lowest in terms of satisfaction.

Competence of the technical staff:
Autec's ability to achieve overall objective:
Ability to manage client concerns/complaints:
Ability to deliver according to schedule (ie "On Time"):
Value for money (in relation to product quality):
Customer Service of Autec Administration:
Clarity of the commercial proposal:
Availability of the sales staff:
Competence of the sales staff:
Completeness of technical documentation:
Autec's ability to provide innovative solutions:
Ability to deliver adequate solutions to specific problems:
Ability of the sales staff to understand the needs of the customer:
Availability of the technical staff:
Effectiveness of company communication (eg mail, newsletter, website etc):
Please feel free to give any additional feedback or suggestions that may help improve our service