Posted 28/11/2022 in Corporate Values

Two new business units for AUTEC

Two new units called “AUTEC – HQ2” and “AUTEC – Lab2” opened in 2022 in Caldogno, adding up to AUTEC – HQ1 main location, and doubling the operational areas for labs and offices, to better meet the needs of our staff and customers.

AUTEC – Lab2 has been designed and built to optimize the production of electronic components, whereas AUTEC – HQ2 is an extension of HQ1 and accommodates in particular the teams most closely related to sales and customer support, as well as the production of mechanical and mechatronic components.

At the same time, the three locations have been equipped with solar-sourced energy that covers their consumption needs, to make our production activity more sustainable, and to possibly reduce risks related to business continuity.

These investments prove our commitment to innovating products and processes in a sustainable and safe way, with decisions that have marked our path for years, in an engaging effort we share with our customers, partners and staff!