Posted 10/03/2015 in Corporate Values

Safety is Job 1.

Protect your most important investment

With over 20 years of proven results in obtaining Functional Safety certification, we are second-to-none where it comes to commitment to safety.
We design products made of only the highest quality components and test them throughout the production process. The quality and performance of Autec products is high in all we do because of the modular design, lean production methods and rigorous testing.

All of the electronic and mechanical parts are designed, manufactured and tested to withstand heavy use in extreme conditions (severe temperature highs & lows, shock, vibration, exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic interference, dust,
water). Autec has total control of all aspects of the supply chain, and because of this we are able to oversee even thesmallest details of the production process.

Everything from conception to completion of products is carried out by our team
of engineers and technical specialists.