Posted 31/03/2022 in Corporate Values

AUTEC social commitment for 2022

AUTEC supports several organizations that work in medical research, assistance, environment preservation and sports, both at a national and international level.

We are committed to supporting them with great responsibility, because the values that drive such different organizations, brought together by the efforts to improve our world, are the same values that underlie our company.

AUTEC wants to stand side by side with these organizations with ongoing and tangible support, and it shares their need to strengthen and spread their ideas, culture and solidarity. For this reason, we support organizations such as AIL, Associazione Oncologica S. Bassiano, CUAMM, FAI and Bassano’s youth sector of the rugby team.

We kindly invite you to visit their websites, so that you can know them better, get familiar with their activities, and possibly support their actions throughout the year. Thank you!