Posted 16/06/2015 in Products

Autec A8 New Release

Autec Safety is proud to announce the new release of the 8 pushbutton hand-held AIR8 wireless radio remote control for Industrial Lifting & Automation.
The feel and restyled look of this AIR Series unit along with its features and technology gives users a transmitter built to meet the needs of tomorrow. Included among the main features are:

- The introduction of a removable ID internal tx memory that can easily be installed into an identical or backup unit, minimizing downtime. It can be used in many ways, but the most common use is in the event of a faulty transmitter.
- Improved capacity for high levels of configurability and customization.
- Improved charging process that favors extended battery use and maximizes the unit’s ability to recharge.
- The new AIR8 can be used during charging.
- An improvement has been made to the FUNCTION button, which in multiple receiver systems (ONE TO ONE modality) allows for selection of up to 4 receiving units, sending the signal from the transmitter unit continuously.
- AIR8 also maintains the same the same pairing process as the current AIR8.

The updated RC unit is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. The back side of the unit is done in strong black polymer plastic, maintaining its robustness and increasing resistance to dirt. The pushbuttons can come equipped with a new, optional ultra-soft cover that guarantees the best ergonomic situation, improving the feel and enhancing the touch sensitivity of the buttons. Other improvements will be available in the near future.