Posted 21/09/2021 in Products

New AUTEC LIFT system

LIFT is a handheld wireless control system designed and manufactured by AUTEC to be reliable and safe.

It is the perfect choice for hoisting machines such as overhead cranes, jibs, hoists, and winches. State-of-the-art technology, employed through the "MY LIFT AUTEC" App, simplifies system management during maintenance operations.

LIFT handheld systems can be configured with 4, 6, or 8 two-step pushbuttons. Their major strengths include:

► New 2.4 GHz radio communication, which takes advantage of the latest Bluetooth® technology to provide AUTEC-customized safety protection; 

► "MY LIFT AUTEC", a smartphone APP (for iOS and Android) that simplifies system management; 

► the ACRH11 base station, also available with an integrated high-intensity flashing lamp and beeper;

► models are available either with standard type (3 x AAA) internal batteries or a rechargeable Li-Ion external battery

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