Posted 26/07/2021 in Products

DYNAMIC+P series: a fast and simple pairing

AUTEC introduces the new Dynamic+P series, an important development in the safe and reliable cableless control system family.

This new CCS feature a simple cable connection between its portable station and base station called "PAIR".

All Dynamic series portable stations and base stations come univocally paired, but unlike the Dynamic and Dynamic+ series, Dynamic+P systems eliminate external hardware code keys by internally storing their digital univocal codes.

On-site pairing is fast and simple through a cable connection. This conveniently allows for easy replacements after station breakage or loss, and it significantly reduces downtime.

The new Dynamic+P series includes the portable stations Compact, Link, Curve, PJR, PJM and PJB matched with the compact and sturdy CRP base station.

The Dynamic+P series is competitive yet efficient because it allows both portable and base station diagnostics to be transferred to machines via CAN. Diagnostic information for each actuator is displayed on the CCS and/or the machine operator panel, and machines with network/telemetry communication can transfer specific diagnostics information remotely. Therefore, service operations are both simplified and streamlined.

The Dynamic+P series is available in dual band 870/915 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies. Lastly, only this series allows the following AUTEC solutions: the PJB model is available with the new 7" TFT high resolution (800x480 pixel), 16:9, 16M color LCD display. Moreover, the new AUTEC Vision System (AVS) is available on PJM and PJB models.