Posted 29/09/2020 in Products

New 7” color display

The new 7” TFT LCD color display, available option for the PJB transmitting unit, is the ideal solution for all those applications where a perfect visualization of numerous operating parameters and radio remote controlled machine status are required.
This 16:9 high resolution display (800x480 pixel), thanks to its 16 million colors and its big screens, allows to remote the HMI views displayed on the machine to the operator’s hands. The large TFT panel guarantees an optimum data reading and impressive graphical representations of the measures, even in open and very sunny environments. This device is CODESYS V3.5 programmable, in accordance with the international IEC 61131-3 standard, feature that allows the customer to program the graphic interface with a wide system configurability.
These are the reasons why the 7” color display is very suitable to be installed on all that radio remote controls where the operator has to work with the same information as if he would be on the machine (e.g. heavy lifting and transportation equipment, drilling and firefighting machines).