Posted 24/07/2017 in Products

CRD: AUTEC's New Receiving Unit

Autec has created a new configurable offering for the Mobile Hydraulics Segment. This new receiving unit was tested specifically for heavy-duty, off-highway environments. The CRD receiving unit integrates an intelligent bi-directional dual-band radio (both 870 and 915MHz bands) that is approved in all major international markets. It features up to 12 analog outputs and 64 digital commands through CAN/CANopen and/or SAE J1939 ; 4 programmable MOSFET outputs are also available. The STOP and UMFS are safety functions, with up to PLe EN ISO13849-1/SIL 3 IEC 62061 for STOP & up to PLd/SIL2 for UMFS, depending on the output configuration. A new diagnostic display and an interface for wired control stations come as standard features. Output ports can be adapted by customizable connectors and cabling interfaces (e.g. M12 connector , multi-pin plug, cable gland). The system is "RED 2014/53/UE-compliant", in accordance with the new mandatory directive in force as of June 2017.