Posted 27/10/2021 in News

AVS, the new AUTEC camera vision system

AUTEC Vision System (AVS) is a new monitoring solution that expands AUTEC remote control performance by displaying live video. AVS provides camera functionality for Dynamic+P series cableless control systems equipped with 4.3" displays (PJM/PJB models at 870 MHz and 915 MHz).

AVS has market-unique, versatile features:

► complete configurability of its graphic color interface. Images, machine data and signals/alarms can be displayed simultaneously, either side by side or overlapping;

► two video available cameras to meet specific image resolution requirements: resolution (752x582 pixels for the Elite camera, 976x582 pixels for the Select series) and viewing angle (101° (H), 72° (V), 133° (D) for the Elite camera, 110° (H), 81° (V), 152° (D) for the Select series);

► infrared sensors for low-light conditions;

► ≈ 100 ms maximum latency;

► up to 4 video cameras can be employed on the same machine with two simultaneous feeds shown on the display.

The new "Vision Systems" catalogue is available to provide additional technical data and in-depth specifications for this AUTEC innovation.

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