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Schnell wieder einsatzfähig – durch den Autec Reparatur- und Ersatzteilservice

Autec liefert zuverlässige Sicherheits - Funkfernsteuerungen in viele unterschiedliche Branchen, zum Beispiel die Bereiche Krane (Hochbau- und Ladekrane), Baumaschinen, mobile Maschinen, Garten- und Landschaftsbau, Industriekrane, industrielle Transportsysteme, Marine aber auch die Land- und Forstwirtschaft. Neben der Auslieferung eines sicheren und zuverlässigen Sicherheits-Funksystems ist der Aftersales - Service ein wesentlicher Punkt für...

Posted 14/04/2015 in Unsere Werte

The exception is the rule

AUTEC Safety Remote Controls…as individual as you!

Autec really delivers the goods when it comes to customization. Our advanced in-house design and production processes enable us to engineer remote control systems to the exact needs and configurations of our customers. We can satisfy your most specific needs: whether you require 60 digital commands or more, a portable unit for left-handed users or the integration of of custom...

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The Autec User Experience

Making customers for life

Everything we do at Autec is geared towards one person - you! Autec Safety Remote Control continually strives to use our experience to enhance the customer experience of those who trust in us.

Our remote controls are simple and powerful. They are customized tools built to improve your production and bottom line. Our customers trust us because we are an industry leader and because of our...

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Safety is Job 1...

Protect your most important investment

With over 20 years of proven results in Functional Safety certification, we are second-to-none where it comes to commitment to safety. We set the bar high by only using components made of the best possible quality and by rigorously resting them throughout the production process. In doing so, we are able to guarantee our clients the highest level of quality and satisfaction. Our smart...

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Experience in technology and application

With continual improvement comes innovation and breakthroughs in technology. Autec is known as a leader in the industrial safety remote control market.

With over 30 years of experience and 300,000 industrial remote systems in the marketplace, Autec has been a pioneer in the development and application of wireless control technologies.

Our safety remote controls are currently being used in over 40 countries...

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