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The Command Transmission Kit (KTC) is a radio system consisting of a transmission unit and a reception unit that replace the traditional connection through electric cables, used to connect devices that communicate with each other. It can send up to 20 on/off signals (plus Start and Stop), including 10 contemporary, within a working range of 200m.

Technical data:

Frequency band433,075-433,775 MHz
869,7-870 MHz
902-928 MHz
Hamming distance≥ 8
Typical operating range200 m
Safety category for the Stop protection (EN ISO 13849-1)PL d / cat. 3
Number of available on/off commands14/20 (with extension) + Start and Stop
Operating and storage temperaturefrom -20°C to +70°C / from -40°C to +70°C
Protection degreeIP20
KTC transmitting unit
Power supply9-30 Vac/dc 3W
Dimensions160x110x75 mm
Weightmax. 400 g
KTC receiving unit
Power supply10-30 Vac/dc 7W
Dimensions160x110x75 mm
Weightmax. 500 g